Parody cover for The Baby-Sitters Club. #386, "Dawn Doesn't Get What Everyone's So Pissed About."

#386: Dawn Doesn’t Get What Everyone’s So Pissed About

I don’t think there’s a smell quite as refreshing as burning sage– a little like mint, but more astringent. I’ve lost count of how many smudge ceremonies I’ve performed over the years: for every new apartment, after every breakup, for each spring equinox. It’s become a part of my process for letting go of the old and moving forward.

So I was a little surprised when my mother and stepfather weren’t interested in my performing the ceremony in their apartment. Mom’s doctors had officially declared her cancer in remission. It only made sense to me that we should cleanse their home of the bad energy that had settled over it during her treatment.

“Oh, that’s very sweet of you, honey,” she’d said when I first made the offer during the dinner celebrating her health. “But it’s really not necessary. We have the cleaning lady come in once a week anyway. She does a good enough job.”

“Right. Well, she does a physical cleaning,” I explained, “but this would be more of a spiritual cleaning.”