Where Are They Now?

Growing up in the 80s and 90s, most of us either read the Baby-Sitters Club or knew someone reading the Baby-Sitters Club. Perpetually 13 (or 11, for poor Mallory and Jessi), the group of friends enthralled tweens across the globe. Everybody who read the series had a favorite: sporty Kristy, sensitive Mary Anne, artsy Claudia, fashionable Stacey, hippie Dawn, dancer Jessi, dull-as-toast Mallory*, rich Shannon, male Logan, or showed-up-way-too-late-in-the-game-to-really-count Abby. 

The books taught little girls everywhere that kids could run businesses and really cool kids got type 1 diabetes.

Ever wonder what happened after they graduated from middle school? Heck, after they graduated high school? 

What would their jobs be?

Would Mary Anne still love Logan?

Would Jessi join the NYC ballet?

Would Claudia’s terrible eating habits ever catch up with her?

Most importantly, would they ever learn the word “babysitter” isn’t hyphenated?

This is my answer.

* My favorite. I was a weird kid.

Note: This website is in no way affiliated or condoned by Ann M. Martin, Scholastic Books, or anybody else related to the Baby-Sitters Club series.

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